Manage your campaigns from start to finish within one platform.

  • Establish goals and KPIs for your campaigns, events and teams.
  • Schedule events and coordinate tasks across your staff.
  • Research the details and past performance of all venues, accounts and locations.
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Get at-a-glance views of event progress throughout a campaign.

  • Immediately be alerted of potential issues related to your campaigns or staff members.
  • Monitor progress of events and tasks in real time.
  • Communicate with team members easily throughout the course of a campaign.
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Quickly capture event recaps and media from your field staff or integrate with advanced capture technologies.

  • Capture outcomes directly in the system across multiple device types or with the simple event recap form builder.
  • Quickly see if you are falling behind in any KPIs with visual goal projections.
  • Approve information and media that can be made visible to clients or managers.
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Easily identify trends related to accounts, events, consumers and results and share tangible results with your current and potential clients.

  • Visually analyze your results across a wide array of variables.
  • Download event results data into Excel for offline analysis.
  • Generate beautiful and compelling reports for presentation to clients and internal staff.
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