Manage your campaigns from start to finish with one simple solution.

Centralize your team

Collaborate seamlessly with shared calendars, instant notifications and tasks. Our suite of event planning tools simplifies scheduling and staffing, giving you one view of your entire team and activities.

Create exceptional campaigns

Build custom recaps with conditional logic and guided workflows. Design branded campaigns to your exact business needs.

Capture higher quality data

Take the guesswork out of post-activation reporting with mobile app reporting for the field.  Simple dashboards, approval workflows and GPS enabled checkins ensure you’re collecting and reporting accurate data.

Analyze your successes

Easily track live campaign progress, identify trends and set goals. Use your findings to share compelling visual reports with clients, teammates and partners.

Plan your experiences

Branded Login page

White label/personalized url.

Custom Roles

Create custom roles unique to your organization.

Schedule & assign Events

Quickly schedule events. Event teams are instantly alerted of new assignments or changes.

shared calendar

Eliminate cumbersome email chains. Coordinate schedules from one central portal.

Custom Views

Set default views to ensure your team sees assignments relevant to them.

Establish goals & KPIs

Easily turn on and set goals for pre-established KPIs or create your own custom KPIs for your campaigns, events and teams.

Venue performance

Research past performance to quickly assess the attractiveness of your venues.

User profiles

Maintain a robust database of your team from headshots and addresses to custom fields and performance metrics.


Easily coordinate tasks across teams.

Capture higher quality data

mobile app

Quickly capture data directly in the field from your mobile device or tablet.

custom recaps

Build dynamic recaps and workflows unique to your campaigns.

conditional logic

Optimize your recap workflow with conditional logic. Hide or show fields based on your team’s selections to create a seamless experience.

Guided workflow

Add custom messages and logic to ensure that your team is capturing the right data at the right time.

approval process

Add approval workflows for built in quality control. Ensure that your clients or managers only see information once it’s been approved.

Execute seamlessly


GPS enabled checkin and audit trail.

guided workflow

Automatic messages and notifications guide your team through their recaps.

Goal Tracking

Track campaign progress against goals in real-time.

alerts & notifications

SMS, Email and In-app notifications instantly alert your team when they need to take action.

Analyze your success

custom reporting

Create dynamic reports from scratch or use our out of box reporting to download and share your successes.

personalized dashboards

Custom dashboards put your campaign progress at your fingertips for instant decision making.


Slice and dice data your way. Create custom filters by market, team, date and more and save them for later.